If you’re a long-time listener of the podcast, today’s guest will be no stranger to you. I’ve asked parent coach Margaret Webb to come back on the show, because I wanted to have a very real, honest, and helpful conversation about how to handle those really difficult situations with our kids—moments or even days and weeks at a time where our child may be operating at highly disregulated level. Maybe they’re explosive or super intense or unpredictable. Or maybe they’re all of the above. Because we as parents and caregivers tend to bear the brunt of our child’s big emotions and behavior, it can be really difficult to know how to best respond and BE in these situations, both in the moment and in the aftermath.

Many of you know that Margaret helped me through what I call my “dark years” in parenting, and so I knew she would have a lot of great insights for you. And she absolutely did. I’m so excited to share this conversation with you.


About Margaret: Margaret Webb is a certified Master Life Coach, parenting coach, nature-based coach, former teacher, wife and mother. As a life and parenting coach, she weaves together her experience as an elementary education teacher with the tools she’s learned in Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training, Sagefire Institute’s Nature-Based Coach Training, and what she’s applied to her own life as a mom of a child with special needs.



  • Strategies for taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, during difficult moments with our child
  • How to recover and restore in the aftermath of a tough moment
  • What to do if we initially handle something in a less-than-optimal way (ie: we blow up instead of staying calm)
  • The importance of learning to recognize our patterns when we’re triggered by our child (and how to do it)
  • Why we want to avoid “verbal entanglement” with our child
  • The importance of treating ourselves with kindness and compassion instead of judging and beating ourselves up
  • How and why we want to regularly engage in “post-meltdown reflection”





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