In this premiere episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I’m thrilled to share with you a conversation with Margaret Webb. Margaret is a Martha Beck certified Master Life Coach, parenting coach, nature-based coach, and former teacher. She’s also the mother of a 12-year-old differently-wired son, and has spent many years helping other parents on unexpected journeys find more joy and peace in their parenting experience.

Margaret believes that while many of us as parents are busy trying to meet our child’s unique needs, we’re often neglecting our own. In our conversation, she shares her ideas for how parents can shift this dynamic in a way that results in a more peaceful, more rewarding experience all around. The bonus? Our kids reap the biggest benefits.


Margaret WebbAbout Margaret: Margaret Webb is a certified Master Life Coach, parenting coach, nature-based coach, former teacher, wife and mother. As a life and parenting coach, she weaves together her experience as an elementary education teacher with the tools she’s learned in Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training, Sagefire Institute’s Nature-Based Coach Training, and what she’s applied to her own life as a mom of a child with special needs.



  • How to feel empowered as a parent so you can be proactively peacefully instead of reactive
  • What the process of letting go of the expectations we have of ourselves and who our children “should” be looks like
  • How the energy we bring to the table can either positively or negatively impact day-to-day challenges
  • The benefits of community support for parents raising differently-wired kids
  • What is at the root of much of the frustration we as parents experience
  • The simple act with huge benefits: deep breaths
  • How taking care of ourselves in rough moments is great modeling for our kids






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