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Differently Wired is a revolutionary book—weaving together personal stories and a tool kit of expert advice, it’s a how-to, a manifesto, and a reassuring companion for parents raising the one in five “differently wired” children with ADHD, dyslexia, giftedness, autism, anxiety, or other neurodifferences who can so often feel that they have no place to turn.

At the heart of Differently Wired are 18 paradigm-shifting ideas or “tilts,” suggesting a path for how parents, caregivers, and educators can shift our thinking and actions in a way that not only improves the family dynamic, but also allows children to fully realize their best selves.


Debbie has put together 6 bonuses for people who purchase Differently Wired in the first 6 weeks of its release—from now through Tuesday, March 10—or who share the book on social media with the hashtag #differentlywiredbook. See below for Instagram-ready quotes from the book, a look at the bonuses, and instructions for how to get yours.


Weekly Tear Calendar

Download and print a professionally designed, printable TILT weekly calendar featuring inspirational quotes to help you be intentional in your parenting every day. 

Live Call with Debbie

Join Debbie for a group “ask me anything” call where you can ask Debbie your burning questions about parenting atypical kids, screentime strategies, homeschooling, and more. 

Differently Wired Workbook

Download an interactive chapter-by-chapter workbook for extending the learning from Differently Wired, as well as explore applying the strategies and tools in your own family’s life.

Templates & Planners

Grab templates, sample contracts, and check sheets for use in common situations involving school, goal setting, planning and organizing, vacations, screen time, and more. 

Digital Companion

Interact with the content of each chapter via direct links for all mentioned resources—podcast episodes, articles, books, experts—broken down by chapter.

Difficult Situations Cheat Sheet

Download a PDF of accessible, specific language you can use when you’re in a a difficult situation with a teacher, parent, or friend, and need help getting the (right) words out.

Here’s How to Get Your Bonuses

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What Thought Leaders Are Saying

Differently Wired will help parents of children who think differently to accept their child for who they are and facilitate their successful development.

Temple Grandin, PhD

Raising a ‘differently wired’ kid can feel like venturing out in unfamiliar territory without a map or a guide. Debbie Reber is the friend you need to navigate this terrain — not just offering practical tips for parenting kids with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other conditions, but helping you think about your child’s atypical mind in ways that will enable you to help them unlock their unique potential. This is a bracingly honest, beautifully written, and quietly groundbreaking book.

Steve Silberman, author, "NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity"

Differently Wired is one mother’s clarion call for moving to action, based on a deep understanding of children who are neurodiverse, and therefore, who think, learn and at times, behave differently. Debbie Reber provides practical advice on a broad range of topics that will be a treasure trove for parents who are desperately seeking guidance in understanding and best supporting their neurodiverse child. This is a wonderfully engaging and much needed book  that I will enthusiastically recommend to so many parents and professionals I meet on a regular basis.

Dr. Barry Prizant, Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Adjunct Professor, Brown University Author of Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

Deborah Reber approaches the subject of raising a neurodiverse child with the diligence and depth of an investigative reporter and the passion (and compassion) of a parent-advocate, which she definitely is. This book offers parents a treasure trove of practical advice to help them advocate and navigate their personal journeys with their differently-wired kids along the often challenging road less traveled.

Tom Ropelewski, filmmaker, "2e: Twice Exceptional" and "2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional"

Differently Wired offers an insightful, compassionate framework for empowering parents to rethink how they view neurodiverse learners. Building on the premise we should celebrate our children’s uniqueness instead of apologizing for it, Deborah Reber provides real tools and practical advice for parents to confidently support their child’s journey, not only at school but also at home and in life.

Amanda Morin, Writer/Expert at Understood.org and author of "The Everything Parent's Guide to Special Education"

Differently Wired is a comprehensive and practical approach to parenting a unique and complex population of children. Twice-exceptional children present parents with a plethora of challenges (and joys) which the author addresses with gusto. There are other titles written on this topic, but this in particular, packs significant punch and is a ‘must read’ for all parents raising children with multiple exceptionalities.

Dr. Michael Postma, EdD, interim director of SENG

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