In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I bring back parent coach Margaret Webb to talk about how to navigate the sometimes tricky dynamic between our own little family of differently-wired beings and both close and extended family who may not be as tolerant or understanding of who our kids are (or our reality in raising them) as we would like.

So often big family events like weddings or graduations or holiday celebrations create situations where we’re expected to spend lots of time with family, but it might not look the way we, or they, expect. So what do we do in these scenarios? What are our responsibilities both to our children and to the family members hosting or attending these events? How can we best prep for these tricky situations?

That’s what we’re covering in this episode. Margaret has a lot of experience supporting parents through this difficult dynamic, and in this episode she shares her best tips and strategies for taking care of ourselves and our children and making choices around family events that make the most sense for our reality.


About Margaret: Margaret Webb is a certified Master Life Coach, parenting coach, nature-based coach, former teacher, wife and mother. As a life and parenting coach, she weaves together her experience as an elementary education teacher with the tools she’s learned in Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training, Sagefire Institute’s Nature-Based Coach Training, and what she’s applied to her own life as a mom of a child with special needs.



  • How “shoulding” from other parents can lead to a judgement shame spiral
  • How to take care of yourself and the emotions that come up in challenging situations
  • How to practice proactive problem solving around family events that are likely to be challenging
  • The importance of being mindful of the time and energy we spend on other people
  • How to play “dysfunctional bingo”
  • Margaret’s best tips for parents navigating tricky dynamics with extended family




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