This week is another special episode with our favorite renegade teacher turned executive functioning coach and education coach, Seth Perler. If you listened to last week’s episode, you know that Seth and Asher sat down for a conversation about resistance in a show that was especially designed for kids.

In this episode, Seth and I are going to go more in-depth into the topic of resistance, and explore at what it looks like in our kids, why it comes up, how it can sometimes actually be a good thing, and what it triggers in us as our kids’ parents. And of course, as always, Seth brings on the strategies, and in this episode he shares nearly thirty strategies with us about how we can support our kids in working through their resistance.

A heads up—this is a LONG episode. But the content is just so good that we wanted to share it all for you here in a way you can digest it and it can become actionable. So a few suggestions:

  1. Listen to this in chunks if you need to. Let the strategies sink in. And give yourself time to reflect on how these ideas relate to your family dynamic.
  2. Seth has generously created a page on his website just for TiLT listeners where he’s including a PDF of all of the strategies he shares today, so don’t worry about taking notes unless that’s your thing. You can find that page here.

I hope you enjoy our conversation!


About Seth: Seth Perler is a renegade teacher turned Executive Function Coach/Education Coach who is based in Santa Monica, CA and Boulder, CO. He helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and does his part to “disrupt” and improve education. Seth specializes in Executive Function and 2e. Find out more at



  • Why our kids resist in the first place
  • The connection between executive functioning and resistance
  • The relationship between non-preferred activities and preferred outcomes
  • Ways in which resistance can sometimes be beneficial, including signaling a need for self-care
  • The way that resistance typically shows up in our kids, and why their “inner critic” might show up
  • Seth’s top tips for dealing with resistance






Read through the whole episode!






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