In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I’m talking with executive functioning coach Seth Perler. Seth helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and specializes in executive function and twice-exceptional / 2e kids.

This was a fascinating conversation about all things executive functioning, and in fact, there was just so much more that we wanted to cover that we’re going to do a part two of the conversation soon. In this episode, Seth explains what executive functioning is and how it impacts our kids, talks about the challenges we face in supporting our kids in the current educational paradigm, and gives us suggestions for how we can prioritize our efforts to help our kids while also keeping our eye on the big picture and what’s really important (hint: It might not be what you think). If you have a child who has any executive functioning challenges, you will want to listen to this episode, and also check out Seth’s website at, which is full of resources for both parents and teachers. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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About Seth: Seth Perler is a renegade teacher turned Executive Function Coach/Education Coach who is based in Santa Monica, CA and Boulder, CO. He helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and does his part to “disrupt” and improve education. Seth specializes in Executive Function and 2e. Find out more at



  • Seth’s story of being misunderstood and misdiagnosed as a child
  • How Seth uses the term “superasynchronous”
  • Why executive functioning skills are so critical
  • The difference between challenges with motivation versus challenges with task initiation
  • How neurodifferences are related to executive functioning challenges
  • How to prioritize where we focus our efforts on supporting kids’ executive functioning
  • The importance of zooming out and looking at the big picture with our kids, especially with regards to their education and future
  • How parents can advocate for kids with executive functioning within a traditional education model
  • Why Seth believes we as parents need to listen to our gut over our head





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