This episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast features a conversation with educator and co-founder of the Learn Inc school, Zach Morris. I had Zach on the show almost a year ago for a fascinating conversation on whole-person learning and the power of using a nonviolent communication model in schools. Zach and I have been going back and forth a bit since that conversation and realized we have much more to discuss together, so today we’re going to go deep into the idea of how we as parents, caregivers, and educators can facilitate what Zach calls “world-view transformation.” In other words, how can we help our differently wired kids change their thinking and perspective in a way that not only preserves our relationship with them, but results in the best possible outcome for our kids?

This is another one of those super interesting conversations with lots of powerful takeaways. I hope you enjoy our conversation!


About Zach: Zach Morris is the executive director and development of curriculum and instruction at LEARN Inc. a non-for-profit school in Missoula, Montana in the United States which is approaching education in a thoughtful and alternative way, and with powerful results, especially for their neurodiverse students, which make up to 75% of the student body. Zach is committed to the cultivation of a thriving student-centered learning community built on compassion.



  • What world-view transformation is and why it’s something we’re working on facilitating with our kids, whether we realize it or not
  • What we as parents and educators are getting wrong as we work to help our kids shift their thinking
  • The importance of tapping into our child’s (and our) “window of tolerance”
  • The difference between compliance and consent when it comes to getting our kids to “buy in”
  • The role of “fixed versus growth mindset” in world view
  • Why our relationship with our child is the most important thing
  • The importance of modeling and patience, a.k.a. this is a process
  • How we can best facilitate world-view transformation through honesty and openness





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