Today’s episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast s a continuation of last week’s episode with executive functioning coach Seth Perler, which was so packed full of information (and also so long) that I had to break it up into two separate episodes, which I’m now referring to as a “masterclass” in executive functioning.

In last week’s episode, Seth shared his protocol for setting up a child for success in their developing executive functioning skills. In today’s episode, Seth is going to get into the nitty gritty about specific strategies he uses to address different executive functioning challenges that show up in school and in life. Seth also takes the time to answer a few questions from listeners that I gathered via Twitter and Facebook.

As he said during our conversation, taking all of this in is a little bit like drinking from a firehouse…there is a lot of useful content and it’s a lot absorb. So listen to this more than once if you need to, take notes, and definitely head over to Seth’s website at and check out all the fantastic videos and articles and other resources he has available. Helping kids with executive functioning challenges is Seth’s passion, and he’s really good at what he does. I’m grateful to be able to share his wisdom with our community.


About Seth: Seth Perler is a renegade teacher turned Executive Function Coach/Education Coach who is based in Santa Monica, CA and Boulder, CO. He helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and does his part to “disrupt” and improve education. Seth specializes in Executive Function and 2e. Find out more at



  • What “Frankenstudy” is, and how to know where to focus your energies so you can create a “domino effect” with your child’s fledgling executive functioning skills
  • How to best use “learning planners” to learn how to think / talk through their plan (and what we’re doing wrong)
  • The benefits of monthly planners versus daily or weekly planners
  • Helping kids identify the “MIT” – most important thing – each day
  • The importance of creating a sacred study space for a child
  • How to optimize an internet browser to make it easy with bookmark bars (and have tabs automatically open, including calendar, grade tab, email)
  • Why it’s important to get kids to start checking grades weekly (Seth recommends Sunday nights)
  • The importance of helping a child create clearly identified routines (for leaving house, doing daily plan, doing homework, etc.)
  • How getting visual with kids benefits them in developing their executive functioning skills
  • Why separate digital timers need to be a part of a child’s life so they can learn to calibrate time, as well as get started and do short bursts of work
  • Creating a weekly overhaul of systems
  • The important of kids “getting into the mode” for studying, etc: organize their space, make their plan, and executive




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