In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I’m excited to be bringing to the show Dr. Ross Greene. Dr. Greene is a powerful voice in the movement to change the way children, and in particular differently-wired children, are treated. Many parents in the Tilt community know him as the author of the The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children. But he’s also the author of Lost at School, and his most recent book Raising Human Beings, a speaker and curriculum developer, and the originator of the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model. This model helps parents, teachers, and kids work together to solve problems in a way that respects our kids while supporting them in improving their behavior.

Dr. Greene is also the founder of Lives in the Balance, which aims to provide resources and programs to caregivers of behaviorally challenging kids, address the issues that cause many of these kids to slip through the cracks; and to promote practices that foster the better side of human nature in all children. This was definitely one of my all-time favorite interviews I’ve done for the show—Dr. Greene generously shared so much wisdom and insight with us. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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About Dr. Greene: Dr. Ross Greene is the Founding Director of Lives in the Balance, served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, and is now adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech and adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia.



  • Why Dr. Greene says kids aren’t lacking motivation—rather they have lagging skills
  • Why unmet expectations are really just unsolved problems
  • The importance of solving the problems causing unwanted behavior rather than focusing on behavior modification by itself
  • Why Dr. Greene says “kids do well if they can”
  • The reasons why a solution to a problem may not be working
  • When parents should start employing the collaborative and proactive solutions model with their kids
  • What it will take to change the way behaviorally challenged kids are treated in school
  • Why zero tolerance policies in schools makes things worse





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