This episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast features a conversation with Brandi Stephens, a singe mom raising an autistic daughter who’s made some bold choices in her life. In the coming months, I’ll be bringing more episodes featuring parents in the trenches because I believe it’s important to learn how others on this journey of raising differently-wired kids are carving out their own path.

I wanted to talk to Brandi, both because I wanted to hear from a single mom, as I know the responsibilities and day-to-day experience is much different than for those of us living with a partner. But I also wanted to share Brandi’s story of how she took an enormous (and scary) leap of faith last year when she moved abroad to Kuwait to be a teacher. Her goal was to provide a different experience for her and her daughter, and they have both thrived through the change. I found our conversation incredily inspiring and Brandi’s optimistic outlook is infectious… I hope you enjoy our conversation.


About Brandi: Brandi Stephens is a 36-year-old teacher currently living in Kuwait, and is a single mom to her 13-year-old autistic daughter, Briana. She’s currently working on first book entitled Chasing Happiness : A Single Moms Guide to Life, Spirituality and Love.




  • How Brandi has navigated the challenges of being a single mom with an autistic daughter
  • The challenges Brandi faced in trying to get an accurate diagnosis for her daughter
  • How Brandi has boldly made choices for herself and her daughter, despite not having strong support from her family and friends
  • How and why Brandi ultimately chose the path of forgiveness with people in her life who just don’t get it