Welcome More Than Milestones Attendees!


Hello! If you listen to my podcast, you likely know I’m an unapologetic practitioner of self-care. In my opinion, self-care can’t be an optional thing for any parent. It’s important for so many reasons – not just the very tangible emotional, physical, and mental benefits for us — but also because we’re modeling balance and self-care to our children.

Don’t worry—I’m not suggesting daily trips to the spa (unless that’s what self-care means to you and you have the resources, then go for it!). I define self-care as an activity that is: 

  1. Intentional. This is about consciously making the choice to do something for yourself that you know is good for your mind, body, and soul. 
  1. Just for you. This is a personal thing, so this has to be ABOUT you. 

If you want to be proactive and intentional about building a lasting self-care practice, download my Monthly Self-Care Check Sheet and make a 30-day commitment to sticking with it. Click on the image below to get your check sheet. And good luck!


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