Doors open this week only: May 25 – May 29

Do you want to get out of stuckness, overwhelm, and isolation and find confidence and true joy in parenting your differently wired child?

Do you regularly find yourself…


    • Wishing you could have more peace in your daily life but doubtful it will ever happen?
    • Devouring everything you can to learn how to support your child but rarely see results?
    • Living with the sense that you have no control over any aspect of your life?
    • Burning yourself out by neglecting your self-care and wellness?
    • Feeling like you don’t know where to start or focus your energies?
    • Struggling with feelings of isolation and the sense that no one else gets how hard things are?

Then the Differently Wired Club is for you. It’s a unique membership community featuring:


      • Game-changing tools
      • A hands-on and personal approach
      • A supportive community
      • Monthly themes 
      • Live group coaching calls
      • Exclusive bonus content
      • Action plans
      • Accountability
      • and more

I’m Debbie Reber. And if you’re part of the TiLT Parenting tribe, you know I’m not just the creator of TiLT and the author of Differently Wired, but I’m also mom to a 15-year-old differently wired son. I’m in the trenches daily. I’m learning from the same experts you are. 

I know how overwhelming it can be to make sense of all of the information coming at us from authors, coaches, therapists, teachers, podcasts, blog posts, and online summits, let alone implement it so our family’s life can improve.


I created the Differently Wired Club to cut through the noise and break it down so you can create a path that works for you and put it into practice. 

This is how change happens…

Real change, the kind that lasts and truly transforms our day to day lives, takes conscious intention and deliberate implementation. I designed the Differently Wired Club with these four TiLT pillars as the foundation for achieving this. 

Here’s what Club members will get each month:


Each month begins with a short video about that month’s theme, including a downloadable PDF support sheet with key takeaways and journal prompts to help you apply the concepts in your own life. (See below for a list of past and upcoming themes.)


In week two, you’ll receive a bonus “masterclass” featuring an exclusive interview or conversation with an expert in the field. While these masterclasses will typically be linked to the month’s theme, sometimes these will include special topics designed to spark you in a whole new way. 


Live 60-minute calls are held with me and parent coach Margaret Webb on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to answer questions and provide group coaching. Members have the opportunity to submit questions in advance so they can get the info they need, regardless of whether or not they can attend live. Recordings are sent out after each call.


I’ve recently added informal “office hours” each month where members can join me in my Zoom room to hang out, chat, connect with other members, and talk about whatever is happening in our worlds. These intimate gatherings are not recorded, and give members a chance to form relationships with others as well.


Members can connect to form friendships, seek advice, problem-solve around challenges, cheer each other on, and ask for accountability on the Membership site forums. The best online communities are ones where participants feel a sense of responsibility for everyone else’s success—together we can do anything.



1: Participation in a live, virtual Differently Wired Book Club

When you join the Differently Wired Club, you’ll receive a free 60-page downloadable workbook I created to help readers work through the concepts in my book and apply them in their daily life. Together, and over 4 weeks, we’ll go through Differently Wired in weekly Zoom calls and dive more deeply into the material. (Virtual book club will run through the month of July)


2: Access to all 8 previous months

You’ll get instant access to 8-months worth of exclusive Club content—monthly videos, bonus masterclasses, recorded coaching calls, and more, on themes including: holiday ease, conscious maintenance, forging a path and plan for your family, tackling areas of least satisfaction, reframing and “flipping the script” and more.


Sneak peek inside the Club…





Is the Differently Wired Club right for you?


  • Have read Differently Wired* and are ready to go deeper
  • Are willing to get uncomfortable in order to examine approaches that aren’t best serving you and your family
  • Are in alignment with TiLT’s values of optimism, inclusion, and possibility
  • Are longing for an authentic community where you can feel safe sharing your journey
  • Can dedicate 30-60 minutes each week to show up for yourself



  • Are looking for quick fixes 
  • Believe your child can be “cured” of their neurodifferences 
  • Are in search of a place to vent about what’s challenging about parenting your child
  • Don’t have time to be a resource and support for others within the community


* Reading (or listening to) Differently Wired is a prerequisite for membership so you are familiar with the concepts and are ready to hit the ground running

Upcoming Monthly Themes Include:

A Path and a Plan for Summer

Acceptance for Your Child’s Timeline

Making Peace with Worry & Fear

Strategizing for School Re-Entry

Here’s what Club members are saying…

So often, the days are filled with storms. This class has been my anchor. It is structured in such a way that each theme is easily applied to my unique situation. It allows me to be mindful and self-reflective first, and secondly expand out to the community, which always brings about connection, understanding, and growth.


The Club supports me in intentionally shifting how I show up for myself and for my child. It presents accessible, engaging and relevant themes that positively impact my daily life, and fosters a sense of solidarity with other families that are on parallel journeys with their DW children.

The Club has helped me to focus on one thing at a time in my differently wired parenting journey. There are so many awesome books, podcasts, articles, and online summits out there, but the information overload can feel sometimes paralyzing. The Club makes small goals feel manageable and realistic, along with a community of people working through similar challenges. I find it also helps me process the journey I’m on much more cheaply than therapy.

Lauren R.

The content is spot on and so helpful and I really appreciate the flexibility in accessing the courses; each week has an option to re-watch the video, download an audio file and/or download an PDF transcript, which allows me to experience the course fully and in my time.


Debbie, thank you so much for all you give to parents like me of differently wired children. This Club is just so supportive, positive and full of practical take homes that we can try straight away in our families. I appreciate being part of it so much and would thoroughly recommend it to other parents. 


This club has taught me that in order to take care of my kids, I need to first take care of myself. I highly recommend the Coaching Calls and Discussion boards, where I frequently ask questions and get support from a like-minded community. Makes this journey of being a caregiver to a differently wired child a little less scary and lonely.


I love being a part of this club. The monthly themes/focus with the related masterclass and live coaching sessions are excellent. I always learn something new that I can apply to my own personal growth and parenting my 11 year old daughter with greater love and understanding. I feel so much less alone and more hopeful about parenting by being a part of this group!



How does the Differently Wired Club membership work?

Membership clubs are designed to provide people with ongoing support and community with like-minded people all working toward the same goals. The Differently Wired Club first began in October 2019, and the membership doors are open only three times a year: mid-September, mid-January, and mid-May. Membership fees are charged monthly and you can remain in the Club as long as you like (and as long as you’re paying the monthly fee). 

How much does the Differently Wired Club cost?

Club membership is currently $47 / month. The cost may increase over time, but members will be grandfathered in at whatever the rate is when they join. So no matter how much the monthly membership fee increases, you will never pay more than your joining rate as long as you remain a member. 

What is the time commitment?

You’ll want to set aside around 30 minutes each week, to do things like listen to a masterclass, participate in the Q&A call, and so on. I consciously designed this program so parents can participate even if they have very little (or any) free time. The real work happens as you’re living your life and you become more aware, conscious, and intentional. 

I can’t attend the live calls...will I still get value from the program?

Absolutely. All of the live Q&A calls are recorded and transcribed, so you can read or listen to them on your own schedule. And each month you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions in advance of the call, so I’ll answer those whether you’re live with us or not. The private forums are also a great, and safe, way to ask for support around specific challenges.

How will I access the course materials?

The membership materials are accessible through a private website, and all materials—the video lessons (audio, video, and transcripts), the PDF worksheets and “homework” assignments, bonus recordings, and recorded Q&A calls are available there for viewing and downloading. Monthly Q&A calls are held via Zoom and simultaneously streamed in a private Facebook group.

Will I have access to materials from previous months?

Yes, no matter when you join the Differently Wired Club, you will have access to all of the content from previous months, which you can review and consume at any time.

How much personal attention will I receive?

While this is a group program, the monthly Q&A calls are designed to answer your specific questions and parent coach Margaret Webb and I also do group coaching on the call to help members work through specific challenges. I’ve recently added twice-monthly live “office hour” Zoom calls, which is another opportunity to connect directly with me and a small group of members in real time. Lastly, the private community is a safe place for you to share challenges and seek resources and advice from me and others. 

I’m not on social media. Can I still participate in the Club community?

Absolutely. The membership platform has an active discussion board where membership share resources, get advice, update the group on challenges and success, and more. 

What if I determine the Differently Wired Club isn’t for me or I’m ready to leave? Can I cancel my membership?

Your membership in the Differently Wired Club is based on a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time. You will have the opportunity to download the material from the months you were in membership before you are removed from the group.

How long will the Differently Wired Club run?

The Differently Wired Club is an ongoing community with continual monthly support. While I can’t predict how long the Club will continue, I’m committed to running it for at least 12 months, beginning October 1, 2019. 

Ready to join us?

If you’re ready to be a part of our community, I invite you to

Join now for $47 / month

Open enrollment ends at
11:59pm PST May 29

Working with this group of incredible, committed parents is my great joy—I hope to see you there.

With gratitude,


Enrollment open Monday, May 25 – Friday May 29, 2020


This is a monthly charge—you can cancel at any time. There are no refunds. 


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