Practice Self-Compassion: Day 7 Transcript

Two days ago, I asked you to remember that your child would do better if they could. Today’s TILT is the same basic idea, but applied to you as a parent. Because today, and every day moving forward, I want you to find ways to treat yourself with compassion and give yourself a break.

In my experience, parents of differently-wired kids are especially tough on themselves, and regularly experience a sense of failing their kids or not doing enough or not meeting their needs.

I have been there, and I can tell you that that kind of thinking isn’t healthy or helpful.

I give myself a lot of room to screw up, because I know that my intention is to do right by Asher. So when I have a “less than brilliant parenting moment,” I take responsibility, apologize, and find a way to let it go. Then I push the virtual reset button every night so I can have a fresh start in the morning.


Your Challenge

So…today, and every day moving forward, your challenge is to consciously give yourself a break when you have a less than brilliant parenting moment, take responsibility for what happened however you need to, and push your own virtual reset button, whatever that looks like for you. Good luck!

And one last thing – I’m going to send out a bonus video tomorrow to give you some ideas for how you can continue building on these TILTs moving forward. See you then!


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