Neuroscientist Nicole Tetreault Shares Insight Into a Bright Mind and Life as a Gifted and 2e Human

This week I’m bringing back to the podcast neuroscientist, author, and speaker Dr Nicole Tetreault. As you’ll hear in our conversation, Nicole was propelled to study neuroscience after her mother’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. She then went on her own journey of self-discovery while supporting her twice-exceptional son, and recognizing many traits in herself. All this culminated in her new book Insight Into a Bright Mind: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Stories of Unique Thinking, which melds groundbreaking research with the captured experiences of unique, creative, and intense brains. 

I’m excited to bring this conversation to you and give you an inside look at this book, as it’s truly a unique and important addition to what currently exists to help parents better understand their exceptional kids’ needs, and perhaps to better understand themselves as well. Nicole brings an incredible breadth of knowledge, and personal experience to the neurodiversity movement, as well as a deep passion for science communication. I hope you enjoy our conversation!


About Dr. Tetreault: Nicole Tetreault, Ph. D., is a neuroscientist, author, meditation teacher, and international speaker on topics of neurodiversity, neurodevelopment, creativity, mental health, and wellness. Dr. Tetreault received her PhD from Caltech specializing in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. As the founder of Awesome Neuroscience, she translates the most promising neuroscience and positive psychology for people to live their best life. Dr. Tetreault has authored numerous academic papers on intelligence, autism, brain evolution, neuroinflammation, and behavior. As a Milton Career Exploration Prize recipient from Caltech, Dr. Tetreault is creating Beyond the Cell, a transformative program to rehabilitate incarcerated women through teaching guided meditation, neuroscience, literature, and expressive writing. Her newest book, Insight into a Bright Mind, explores groundbreaking research examining the experiences of unique, creative, and intense brains through interviews, storytelling, and literary science, while advocating for new directions of human and neurodiversity.



  • What led Nicole to investigate neurodiversity and become a science communicator
  • The important points about brain wiring that are important to understand about educating neurodiverse individuals
  • What is meant by asynchrony and how it relates to processing and behaviors
  • What we can learn from the current moment coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic when it comes to educating neurodiverse students
  • Nicole’s encouragement for parents who self-identify as neurodivers as part of learning about their own child





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