This weeks’ episode is a must-listen to if you have a teen, a tween, or will someday have a teen or tween (so yes, pretty much all parents). My guest is veteran prosecutor for the city of Los Angeles, and former troubled teen Jonathan Cristall. Five years ago, Jonathan set out to write the book he needed himself as the father of three teenage boys, and the result is his new book, What They Don’t Teach Teens: Life Safety Skills for Teens and the Adults Who Care for Them. Drawing on his own experiences on both sides of teenhood and the law, Jonathan is on a mission to teach 21st century life skills to young people and their families. 

I invited Jonathan to the show to talk about these skills and strategies needed for modern adolescence — what they are, and why parents, especially parents of differently wired kids, need to understand the different world their children are growing up in. We talk about interacting with police and personal rights, physical and internet safety, sexual consent and sextortion, and much more.


About Jonathan: Jonathan Cristall, Esq., spent his own teen years taking unnecessary risks and getting into avoidable trouble. Now a veteran prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles, he went from disregarding laws to enforcing them. Cristall, a certified sexual violence prevention instructor, works extensively with teenagers and their families to teach physical, digital, emotional, and legal life safety skills. His new book, What They Don’t Teach Teens, teaches 21st century life skills – like safer police interactions, digital safety, and sexual consent – to young people and their families.



  • Why Jonathan wrote this book and why it’s needed
  • How both teens and parents can get the most out of this book
  • How parents of differently wired kids can best protect and prepare their kids for police interactions to keep them safe 
  • What is meant by situational awareness and how it relates to physical safety
  • What parents and teens need to know about sextortion and sexual harassment
  • The most important lessons for teens surrounding their digital footprint





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