We’ve been talking a lot on the podcast about the current pandemic and all the ways it might be affecting our kids, and how to support and help them through it. But today, my fellow parents in the trenches, it’s time to talk about US. I’ve heard from many of you in the last few months, and I can certainly speak for myself as well, that we need support and help too! So, today I’ve invited parent coach Sheryl Stoller to the podcast to talk about the idea of getting grounded and reintegrated with ourselves. And as an uncertain and unfamiliar school year looms ahead for most of us (and our kids), this seems even more critical to discuss. 

I love Sheryl’s compassionate approach to mind and body awareness, something she has no doubt gleaned as the mother of three differently wired children herself. In our conversation, we talk about the surprising ways that the stress of our current situation might manifest, the ABCs of Integration and what that means, specific ways to reconnect with yourself, and much more. I gained so much from this conversation and I hope you do too. 


About Sheryl: I am a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, founder of Stoller Parent Coaching, and parent coach at The Center for Identity Potential and for the online Bright and Quirky Summit community. I’ve lived an intense – and gratifying – journey, guiding three (un)identified gifted, 2e children to flourishing young adulthood. It was too painful. My devotion to you is personal. I’m here for you the way I needed someone: As a collaborative, compassionate expert in the complexities of (un)identified gifted/2e families, pragmatically equipping you to transform struggles into thriving, connected growth. In addition to coaching individuals and couples, I lead parent groups, staffings, workshops, and presentations.



  • Sheryl’s background and how she came to this work
  • How the culmination of stress over our lifetime can manifest in our bodies
  • The importance of re-integrating within ourselves, and reconnecting with our bodies
  • What are the ABCs  of Integration: Awareness, Body, Compassion
  • Strategies and tips for implementing body awareness
  • Sheryl’s words of wisdom for re-entry to school and new routines







Read through the whole episode!






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