This week I talk with Meghan Leahy, a certified parent coach, parenting columnist for The Washington Post, and former school counselor and teacher. As mother to three young children herself, Meghan considers herself to be a “heart-centered parent coach in a data-driven world” and writes about this idea in her new book Parenting Outside the Lines: Forget the Rules, Tap into Your Wisdom, and Connect with Your Child. 

I was excited to talk with Meghan about her book and her relatable, in-the-trenches approach to parenting—trusting your gut, valuing connection, and knowing when to question the norms. And if you’ve been paying attention to this podcast, you know that this is what we’re all about at Tilt Parenting. 


About Meghan: Parent coach, Washington Post columnist, and author of Parenting Outside the Lines, Meghan supports parents to use more compassion (and boundaries) in our data-driven and theory-heavy culture. Meghan likes anything funny, clean makeup, moving her body, travel, and hanging with her family.



  • Meghan’s personal why for doing parenting work and what she hopes Parenting Outside the Lines will do for parents
  • What Meghan thinks about parenting theories and trends
  • Why parents lose their instincts or stop listening to own intuition
  • Why not knowing what to do as a parent can be a good thing
  • Meghan’s advice for parents dealing with the struggles or imbalances that can stem from sibling drama
  • Why apologizing and repairing with our child is so powerful





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