In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I’m talking with Dr. Donna Geffner, a speech-language pathologist and audiologist, and renowned expert on Audio Processing Disorder. Dr. Geffner is the author of 5 books and over 300 publications on Auditory processing disorders, ADHD, and language disorders in children. In almost 200 episodes of the podcast, this is the first time I’m covering APD and Dr. Geffner, as a former President of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, is a fountain of clinical information and research. 

In our conversation, we talk about what audio processing disorder is, how to recognize it in kids, why it is often misdiagnosed, as well the best support and accommodation practices for school and home. This is a fascinating, jam packed conversation with one of the world’s top voices on APD—I hope you enjoy it!


About Dr. Geffner: Donna Geffner is a dually certified and licensed speech-language pathologist and audiologist who maintains a private practice in LI. She is a retired professor and Graduate Program Director and Director of the Speech and Hearing Center at a NY university. She is the author of 5 books and over 300 publications in the area of Auditory processing disorders, ADHD and language disorders in children. Dr. Geffner was the President of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and received its highest honor. She is the recipient of many honors including an Honorary Doctorate from Providence College. She lectures locally, nationally and internationally, including nationwide webinars.



  • What is auditory processing disorder defined and how is it different than hearing loss
  • What are the signs that a child has auditory processing disorder
  • What does the assessment process for APD involve and at what age can it be diagnosed
  • Why APD is often misdiagnosed
  • What is the correlation between APD and other learning differences, especially relating to reading and speaking
  • What kinds of supports can help children with APD thrive, both at home and in the classroom
  • What resources are available for parents to learn more about APD






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