In this week’s episode, I’m interviewing Samantha Cotterill, a children’s book illustrator and the author of the book series Little Senses, a collection of books especially for kids on the autism spectrum and/or with sensory issues. When Samantha first reached out to me about the Little Senses books, I became an instant fan and knew right away I wanted to have her on the show. Not only are the books beautifully illustrated, they allow kids to recognize themselves in a way that feels both playful and therapeutic, and without labels or stigma. 

In our conversation, we talk about Samantha’s unique approach to writing and drawing this book series and the little details which she felt were so important to include, many based on her own experiences being on the spectrum herself. I am in love with the Little Senses books and can’t wait to introduce you to their creator. 


About Samantha: Samantha Cotterill has written and illustrated many popular books for children. The Wall Street Journal praised her “fabulously fun artwork” in Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime! by Lisa Mantchev, and The New York Times called her illustrations for Just Add Glitter (written by Angela Diterlizzi) “a sparkle of genius.” The Little Senses collection marks her exciting debut as an author/illustrator of a book series…a series Samantha feels is much needed and one that she wishes was part of her own childhood.

Being on the spectrum herself, Samantha wanted to make books that would allow kids to recognize themselves in a playful, fun, yet therapeutic way. Every story in the series is presented without labels, allowing parents to step into their kids’ worlds and see their point of view.



  • All about the Little Senses series and a brief overview of each book
  • How Samantha’s own experiences as a child (and adult) led her to create this book series, and why the little details in them are so important to her
  • What the response to the books has been, both from the publisher and readers
  • What it was like for Samantha getting a diagnosis later in life, especially as a female with Aspergers






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