In this episode, we’re going to get creative. Specifically, we’re talking about why it’s crucial to our well-being and that of our differently wired children that we identify and exercise our own creative strengths. To talk about this I’m bringing back to the podcast Kathryn Haydon, a creativity and innovation strategist, skilled facilitator, and keynote speaker with over two decades of experience maximizing individual and collaborative creativity. Kathryn has written and spoken widely on creative learning and the secret strengths of outlier thinkers and is the founder of Sparkitivity. She’s also the author of the brand new book The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative

In today’s episode, we talk about how we can activate and consistently tap into our own creativity, which is critical to our success as parents and caregivers. Kathryn also shares some specific tips on how exactly to do this.


About Kathryn: Innovation strategist Kathryn Haydon trains courageous leaders to harness strengths and create opportunities to stay competitive and add value in a fast-paced world.

An award-winning educator, she moved from banking into the science of creativity and founded Sparkitivity. Kathryn is the author of The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative, No Matter Where You Work and co-author of Creativity for Everybody (2015). She has written and spoken widely on creative learning, engagement, and the secret strengths of outlier thinkers, including several chapters in edited volumes and over 150 articles. Her writing has appeared in Psychology Today, The Washington Post, Penguin Random House’s Brightly, and Scott Barry Kaufman’s Creativity Post.

Kathryn earned her BA at Northwestern University and her MS in creativity and change leadership from the acclaimed International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY, Buffalo.



  • What the state of creativity is for today’s parents
  • How bringing more creativity into our daily lives supports parents in raising differently wired kids
  • What being a creative parent looks like in practice
  • Simple strategies parents can use to identity and exercise their own creative strengths






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