My guest today is Jonathan Oliver, who goes by the name of JO. JO is a personal development coach, motivational speaker, author, and a coach for stay at home fathers. After struggling greatly through his school years, JO was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a young man. With a better understanding of himself, JO learned to use what had been a source of great struggle as a catalyst for growth, seeing his diagnoses as the two best gifts he has ever received. Now a husband and father, JO’s mission is to help parents and families—particularly stay at home dads—redefine family according to what works best for them.

In today’s episode, we get into JO’s mission work, as seen through lens of a differently wired dad who is looking to break stereotypes, help dads become more connected parents, and inspire other parents to consider the way their neurodifferences can be used as strengths to bring to their parenting.


About JO: Jonathan Oliver is a personal development coach, motivational speaker, author and a stay at home dad coach who helps people around the world attain more success in the midst of great challenges. He is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and insight. Jonathan is equipped with sound motivational principles and well-validated techniques which produces amazing results.

He is the founder of Higher Enlightenment – a personal development coaching company dedicated to providing spiritual and intelligent insight with the goal of helping people believe in themselves and soar through their fears and hurdles. Jonathan chose writing and motivational speaking as a platform to express himself because these are the areas that inspire him the most in life. He is an exemplary teacher who uses his life experiences to help and motivate others, making them the very best version of themselves. Seeking to impact his passion to many, Mr. Oliver is the author of three books: To the Little Boy in Me: Learning with Dyslexia & ADHD, Joy In The Journey: 1st Year Chronicles From A Stay At Home Dad, and Impersonations.

Ornamented with a self-motivated personality, he prefers to take the extra step in staying unique and reaching his aspirations. He hopes to leave a legacy of hope, love, and encouragement. During his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, drinking wine, and traveling. He is married to his wife, Dr. Saran Oliver for nine years now and together they have two adorable daughters, Journey and Justice. Jonathan is a native of Texas and he currently resides in Owasso, Oklahoma

With all the expectations and stereotypes around parenting, JO and his wife, Saran, have created their own way for their daughters Journey and Justice.



  • J.O.’s story of being diagnosed as a young adult with learning disabilities and how that changed him
  • Ideas for facing resistance to and stigma surrounding diagnoses and therapy within the African American community
  • How J.O.’s learning disabilities have shaped him as a parent
  • The challenges, and blessings, of being a stay-at-home dad with ADHD





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