Today I’m sharing an interesting conversation with Eric Lanigan about two topics that I know are relevant, and perhaps concerning, to many listeners out there—video gaming and motivation. I reached out to Eric after learning about an online course he runs for parents called Making Peace with Gaming, because I was curious to know just exactly how we do that, and what that actually means in the context of everyday life with kids who are really into gaming. What I love about this conversation is it went so much deeper than video gaming and into the heart of the emotional lives of our children. I found our conversation to be highly thought-provoking—I hope you get a lot out of it.


About Eric: Eric Lanigan is a Motivation Coach who has helped hundreds of people to get clear on what they want -and then do it. He guides his clients in directing their attention inwards instead of blaming themselves or external events. A former video game addict himself, Eric offers an intimate view of the world of compulsive gaming. Eric has delivered dozens of workshops on emotional intelligence, motivation, and procrastination. His online course, The Big Shift, has served over 750 people from more than 15 countries. Learn more about Eric here.



  • Why many children get so deeply involved in their video game worlds
  • The emotional payoff many children get from engaging in games
  • Eric’s ideas around how parents can respect and understand their child’s video gaming
  • The connection between motivation and gaming, and what parents miss when considering these
  • Why Eric says the problem isn’t the games themselves but the way we relate to the games
  • The biggest fears and concerns parents have surrounding their child’s gaming
  • Eric’s thoughts on parents legislating their children’s gaming and how rewards and punishments associated with gaming may be counterproductive / result in the opposite desired outcome




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