If your child is in middle or high school and you know that their going to college or university is in the cards down the road, this is a must-listen to episode. My guest is Marisa Meddin, the founder of Talk College to Me, a resource for parents who want to help their children become the best version of themselves. Marisa’s goal is to help parents navigate the college admissions process in a way that is fun and easy. As a consultant, she helps parents know how to best help their child find the right college or university, and have the best chances of getting accepted to that school.

Earlier this year year I did an episode on how to support kids through the high school to college transition with Elizabeth Hamblet (and by the way… that is a great episode if you haven’t heard it yet… the link is below), but this episode backs the truck up a bit and focuses more on how our kids can best set themselves up for identifying and getting into colleges and universities that will work for them. And a little spoiler alert, Marisa believes that a student’s “differentness” can actually serve as an advantage on college applications.


About Marisa: Marisa Meddin is the founder of Talk College To Me and the creator of The 7 Day College Admissions Crash Course For Parents, where she helps hundreds of families navigate the complicated college admissions process. Prior to founding Talk College To Me, Marisa held positions at PepsiCo, managing marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world and spearheading on-campus college recruiting efforts. Marisa graduated from The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan with a degree in marketing and a minor in environmental science, and loves helping kids get into the colleges of their dreams. For more info, visit: www.talkcollegetome.com



  • What colleges are looking for in applicants
  • When students should start thinking about what they need to do to strengthen their application
  • How students can become the strongest possible college applicants they can while still staying true to themselves
  • How being “differently wired” can serve as an advantage on college applications
  • How things have changed from when we were kids to what the process is like (and what colleges are looking for) today
  • Special considerations for homeschooled kids
  • What kind of advantages differently wired kids might have in the application process
  • How to help our kids discover schools that might be the best fit for them
  • How parents can best support their kids through the process



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