This week’s episode features a conversation with Angela Pruess, a licensed clinical therapist and mom of three who wants to help all parents raise emotionally healthy kids that will change the world, by explaining the he(art) and science behind our child’s developmental and emotional. 

Angela and I have been in touch since I first launched TiLT Parenting, so I’m really excited to finally be bringing her onto the show. She has many areas of expertise, but for this episode, we decided to focus specifically on the topic of that elusive thing so many of us are trying to help develop in our kids, but can be very difficult to know exactly where to start and what we should expect over our child’s developmental timeline—self-regulation and emotional regulation.

Today we dive deep into what it is, why it’s an important skill for our kids to develop, the different ways we as parents and caregivers and teachers can support our kids in nurturing these skills, and more. There are a lot of nuggets in this episode—I hope you get a lot out of it!


About Angela: Angela Pruess is a licensed clinical therapist and mom of 3 who wants to help you raise emotionally healthy kids that will change the world, by explaining the he(art) and science behind your child’s developmental and emotional needs at She also writes about childhood mental health and the therapeutic power of play. With her help, you can better understand your child, help them meet their full potential, and LOVE the journey of parenthood.



  • What self-regulation / emotional regulation actually is and what it can look like when kids struggle with it
  • Why self-regulation can be developed over time, even when the time line looks different
  • How we might expect development of self-regulation to progress at different ages for a differently wired child
  • Where parents should start when it comes to developing self-regulation abilities
  • The importance of modelling self-regulation for our kids
  • How we can best support teachers in being our partners in developing our kids’ self-regulation
  • How parents can most effectively do in supporting our kids in learning these skills
  • Strategies for what to do when kids are resistant to working on self-regulation
  • Top tips for jumpstarting our child’s self-regulation




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