This episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast features a conversation with Allison Carmen, a life coach and business consultant and the author of The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times. I discovered Allison and her work while doing research for my book, and her message of embracing possibility and uncertainty deeply resonated with me. I have a feeling you’ll have the same reaction when you listen to our conversation.

During our talk, Allison and I look at the very real toll of being addicted to certainty, especially for parents raising differently-wired kids, which, as we all know, comes with absolutely zero guarantees and certainty when it comes to what the current path or the future might look like. Allison shares her thoughts about how embracing just one simple word—maybe—can completely transform the way we’re experiencing our everyday lives.


About Allison: After fifteen years of working as an attorney overwhelmed with anxiety about the future, Allison Carmen found hope and freedom when she discovered the Philosophy of Maybe. Today, Allison works as a life coach and business consultant with a vast array of people, from entrepreneurs and owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, fashion designers, attorneys, medical workers, nannies, parents and the homeless. Over and over again, Allison has witnessed people find the courage, regardless of present circumstances, to step into the realm of Maybe and improve their lives. An active blogger and speaker, she lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.



  • The importance of getting clear on our biggest fears
  • How our state of mind helps create our child’s state of mind
  • The positive side-effect when children can embrace the power of maybe, hope, and possibility rather than perfection
  • Why it’s important to have a gratitude practice
  • How to stop projecting into the future






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