Today’s episode features a conversation with Jill Goetz, the owner and Early Child Education Specialist at Savvy Parents Safe Kids, a company with a mission of helping parents learn how to talk with their kids about safety and their safety needs. Jill walks us through how to bring up conversations around safety—specifically the topics of consent and personal advocacy and learning how to listen to intuition—with our kids.

This is an important topic for parents of all children, but because some differently-wired kids can be especially vulnerable since they may not read situations or social cues as well, helping them foster these skills is an important part of their development. Jill also walks us through the Super 10 Rules for Safety, which are 10 simple but important rules we can share with our children to help them stay safe and secure. What I love about these 10 rules is they can be shared and reinforced with our children in a way that feels positive, not scary or overwhelming. I hope you enjoy our conversation!


About Jill: Jill Goetz is the owner and Early Child Education Specialist at Savvy Parents Safe Kids. She joined Savvy Parents Safe Kids in 2014 and has an extensive background working with families and family-friendly companies. She’s also a certified MERIT trainer, holding a Masters Degree in Education.



  • Why the “stranger danger” philosophy isn’t going to protect your child
  • The importance of teaching kids self-advocacy, both with other kids and adults
  • Why kids can’t create the answer to a new situation
  • The benefits of playing the “what if” game to help children learn how to be safe
  • Why it’s critical to teach kids to listen to their intuition and inner voice (what Jill calls the “Uh Oh feeling”)
  • Why safety doesn’t have to be scary
  • How differently-wired kids are often extra vulnerable to predators