This episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast features a conversation with Dr. Colleen Carroll, a writer, speaker, educator, and coach of parents of struggling readers. This episode is not about how to overcome learning differences that impact a child’s ability to read, but rather focuses on the benefits of fostering a love of reading in our children. 

In our conversation, we talk about the benefits of reading for a child, such as increased confidence and building upon their knowledge (and background knowledge), uncover the reasons why a child might be a reluctant reader, and discuss the things parents can start doing today to nurture a reading culture in their home.


About Colleen: Dr. Colleen Carroll has served thousands of parents through online and in-person coaching that fast tracks kids to reading (and therefore school and life) success. Dr. Carroll has been a reading specialist, elementary principal, Director of Literacy and Assistant Superintendent of Schools.



  • The signs that a child is a reluctant reader (and the reasons why)
  • Why there should be a difference between “home reading” and “school reading”
  • Colleen’s best strategies for creating a reader-friendly home
  • The benefits of co-reading with your child
  • The connection between developing visualization skills and being read aloud to
  • Tips for the kinds of books to have in your home library
  • The importance of modeling a love of reading for our kids