In this episode, I talk with certified life coach Amy Steindler about how developing one’s own emotional intelligence can positively impact the way one parents their differently-wired kids. An emotional intelligence trainer who recently began working with parents raising highly-gifted children through her “Perfectly-Flawed Parenting” program, Amy is all about brain science and learning about how we can develop our own self-awareness to help us thrive.

Amy and I do a deep dive here into the ways we as parents can use our emotions as data points or information, acknowledge and explore them, and use them to deepen our connection and relationship with our children. What I love about this conversation is that finding more peace and joy in parenting is something we as parents can do, regardless of what’s happening in our children’s lives. This episode sheds some insight into how to do just that.


About Amy: Amy Steindler is an avid emotional intelligence geek, who thinks that brain science explains a lot about how we react to the circumstances that get our attention. A certified emotional intelligence trainer and life coach, she teaches her clients that emotions are data—crucial information for solid decision-making—that are accessible only through self-awareness. Her clients learn to trust their own judgment, stand on their own two feet, and become the kinds of parents, friends, spouses, or co-workers they can truly admire. Her thought-provoking blogs can be found at Insight Out LIfe and EQ Insights.



  • What “emotional intelligence” is
  • How emotions are “data” that we can use to learn about ourselves and what’s happening around us, and help us change the way we respond
  • How the reframe from “have to” to “choose to” can transform one’s personal experience
  • The freedom that comes with openness and authenticity
  • The power of self-awareness
  • Why our job is to help children become who they already are