In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I talk with Casey O’Roarty of Joyful Courage. Casey is a Positive Discipline trainer and parent coach who is not only passionate about the power of positive discipline, but is a fierce believer in supporting parents in becoming courageous and joyful as they navigate the ups and downs of raising kids.

Because I’ve personally experienced the profound impact of positive discipline in my relationship with Asher, I was excited to sit down with Casey for a deep dive into the heart and soul of the positive discipline parenting philosophy—respectful communication, fostering connection, and supporting a child in growth and learning through a marriage of kindness and firmness. I believe wholeheartedly that positive discipline is an incredibly effective approach for all parents, but especially for parents raising differently-wired kids. I have a hunch that after listening to this episode, you’ll feel the same way.


About Casey: Casey O’Roarty is a Positive Discipline trainer and parent coach in the Pacific Northwest who teaches parent classes and leads teacher trainings. She is the founder of Joyful Courage, an online business featuring a blog, videos, and e-courses, as well as the host of the Joyful Courage Podcast.



  • What Positive Discipline is as a parenting and teaching philosophy
  • Why it’s critical that our kids feel connected
  • Why a parent’s emotions are their biggest clues as to what’s going on with their “misbehaving” children
  • How the balance of kindness and firmness works so well for children
  • Why positive discipline isn’t a “permissive” parenting style
  • Why “punishments” and time outs don’t help our children develop skills






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