In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I talk with Becca Wertheim, a second-grade teacher at an inclusion school in North Carolina. What I hear from so many parents in the TiLT community is that navigating the world of school is one of the biggest challenges their families face, so this episode is the first of what I hope will be many featuring the perspectives and voices of the teachers who work with our differently-wired kids every day.

Becca tells us about her experience as a teacher charged with meeting the individual educational needs of a group of students with diverse learning styles, and her insight for parents who are looking for better support and communication with the teachers in their children’s lives.


About Becca: Becca Wertheim is a 2nd grade teacher at Claxton Elementary School in Asheville, NC. She is the creator GOAL Getters (Global Opportunities, Awareness, and Leadership), an initiative featured at Clinton Global Initiative University, which teaches youth about global citizenship and social responsibility. She is also the author of Live High on Life for Teens, an inspirational book that empowers teens to dream big, and was profiled in TiLT founder Debbie Reber’s inspirational book for teen girls, In Their Shoes.



  • How an “inclusion school” model works in the classroom
  • Why inclusion schools can benefit all types of learners and work to everyone’s advantage
  • Suggestions and strategies for navigating the parent-teacher relationship, from a teacher’s perspective
  • Why honesty and open communication, as is true in any relationship, is key to a successful parent-teacher relationship
  • How parents can approach a teacher if they are concerned about their child’s behavior either at school or at home
  • What a teacher’s goals are in the relationships they have with their students’ parents





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