For this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I talk with former teacher, reading specialist, teacher and parent educator, and coach, Heidi Nord about Dyslexia. I know many families are dealing with the challenges of dyslexia and I appreciate how tough it can be for kids with dyslexia to navigate school and their brains’ unique way of interpreting language.

I’m excited to be bringing Heidi on the podcast because not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about dyslexia, but she’s spent many, many years coaching not only children with dyslexia, but teachers and parents. Heidi strongly believes that dyslexia can be an asset—her goal is to help students tap into their potential and increase processing speeds so they can let their true brilliance shine through.


Heidi-Nord-120x120About Heidi: Heidi Nord has been helping students, parents, teachers, and administrators with training in the areas of dyslexia, student success, and mindset development since 2007. Before that, she worked as a teacher and and a reading coach for 16 years, helping hundreds of students and teachers at varying grade levels. Heidi has written four books, including Thought Flipping and Write Right. She helps clients learn easier, grow flexible brain pathways, and generate a positive mindset for success.



  • What exactly dyslexia and dysgraphia is
  • Why dyslexia is being diagnosed late in children, and why that needs to change
  • The connection between teachers’ mindset and a child’s ability to thrive in a classroom
  • Why it benefits students to devote time focusing on their strengths and not just their deficits
  • The many gifts that come with dyslexia and dysgraphia, and how these disorders are seen by many to be an asset
  • Heidi’s tips for parents who have a dyslexic child or suspect their child might have dyslexia



  • Heidi Nord’s practice The Brilliant Dyslexic



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