I’ve been getting requests from people coming to TiLT and joining the community who want to learn more about me and my story behind creating TiLT—why I developed it, what my vision is, and what I hope TiLT will do in the world. I’m also getting lots of questions about things like why we use the language we use (ie: “difference” rather than “disorder”), how Asher feels about what I’m creating and being a participant in the podcast, and what the plans are for TiLT in the future.

To address some of these questions, I put together a brief FAQ which you can find here on the About Page. But it was suggested to me that it might make sense to do a podcast with me as the guest so I can answer these questions and others like them in more detail. So rather than have me go on for a half-hour all by my lonesome, I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Gia Duke, to be my interviewer. Gia is one of the most inspirational, positive, and lovely people I know, so I’m happy to be able to introduce you to her in this interview as well!


Gia HeadshotAbout Gia: Gia Duke is a Heart-ist, life coach, cheerleader, night owl, entrepreneur, super love girl. Gia works with big-hearted men and women with a go get ‘em attitude who want to get clear on what matters most and shows them how to generate the guts to go straight after it. Think: No Regrets meets Daring Action.



  • What I did in my career and life before creating TiLT
  • What my big WHY is for creating TiLT and how I went about developing its philosophy
  • What Asher thinks about TiLT and his role as a regular podcast guest / technical consultant / partner
  • What I envision for TiLT in the future



  • WriteGirl—mentoring organization for teen girls in Los Angeles
  • Chris Guillebeau—author, noncomformist, and founder of the World Domination Summit
  • Revolution U—Jonathan Fields’ program Debbie participated in while developing TiLT



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