A 3-hour workshop with Seth Perler & Debbie Reber

  • Are you stressed about the unknowns of back-to-school this year?
  • Are you worried about how you and your differently wired kids will cope with the demands and expectations of life this fall?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the task of balancing your own needs and responsibilities with getting your kids the support and structure they need?
We created this for you. Our goal? To help you…

Prioritize & Plan for Back to School with Neurodiverse Kids

We want you to feel confident in the decisions you make and where you focus your energy this fall when it comes to your children, whether they’re back in class, remote learning, homeschooling, or all (or none) of the above.

Here’s how this 3-hour workshop (original recording date is August 4, 2020) will benefit you:


    • In the first hour, we share practical strategies, concrete action steps, and inspiration you can use to formulate a plan specific to your family’s circumstances. 
    • For the next two hours, we open the floor for questions, coaching, and troubleshooting, answering dozens of parent questions about the most pressing concerns. 
    • You’ll receive more than 10 downloadable PDF of resources, scripts, and planning templates so you can integrate what works for you into your daily life. (see below for complete list of included resources)

About Seth & Debbie

Seth Perler is a renegade teacher turned Executive Function Coach/Education Coach who is based in Boulder, CO. He helps struggling students navigate a crazy educational landscape and does his part to “disrupt” and improve education. Seth specializes in Executive Function and 2e. Learn more on Seth’s website.




Debbie Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the founder of TiLT Parenting, a top podcast, community, and educational resource for parents raising differently wired children. Her newest book, Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World, came out in June 2018. Learn more on Debbie’s website.

The Details


You can watch the video or listen to an MP3 of the 3-hour replay (both of these are downloadable as well, so they are yours to keep). You’ll also have access to the original participants chat. 


Seth and Debbie have pulled together a dozen additional resources, scripts, and planning templates to help you navigate this time. Included with your purchase are:
    • What Should We Be Doing, Anyway? — Slideshow from the workshop
    • Iceberg Graphic — Visual representation of what’s going on below the surface
    • ADVOCACY Templates — Best practices and sample templates for communication with schools 
    • UGYG SSS (Sacred Study Space) PDF — Proactively creating a study space collaboratively with your child
    • Daily Summer Plans — This is an example of a plan that I helped a family customize for their child 
    • School Systems Assessments for Executive Function — This resource will help you identify concrete areas to work on
    • Seth Perler’s Daily Plan —Powerful PDF that reinforces several executive functions 
    • School-Life Homeschooling Templates — A collection of contracts, agreements, guidelines & project organizing templates
    • 9 Steps for Family Meetings — Best practices for productive and positive family meetings
    • Online Learning Resources — A list of online classes, programs, and enrichment opportunities for kids
    • Tilt Parenting Podcast Homeschooling Playlist — A curated playlist of 9 must-listen to episodes about homeschooling
    • General Homeschooling Resources — Books, articles, podcasts, organizations, & regulations about homeschooling

This 3-hour workshop was recorded live on August 4, 2020 and is now available for replay access. Fill out below to purchase for instant access.


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