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Thanks for letting me know you still find my podcast interviews and other content about raising your differently wired child helpful. I’m grateful to be on this journey with you!

Debbie has interviewed dozens of education experts for Tilt Parenting on topics like how to choose a school, what to do when a school isn’t working, advocating for differently wired learners, accommodations that can support atypical children, transitioning to homeschooling, and more. Click below for a playlist of education-related episodes.


Many schools and PTAs have used Differently Wired as a way to begin conversations and bridge the gap between parents of atypical children and other parents and educators. Click on the button below to download a discussion guide with questions to get people thinking, and talking, about how we can best move forward together. 

TiLT Parenting


TiLT Parenting LLC is a website, top podcast, and online community founded by Debbie Reber in 2016 aimed at helping parents raising DIFFERENTLY WIRED™ kids do so from a place of confidence. TiLT is founded on the premise that being differently wired isn't a deficit—it's a difference. TiLT's mission is to change the way difference is perceived and experienced in the world so these exceptional kids can thrive in their schools, in their families, and in their lives.




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