Here are your templates, sample contracts, check sheets, and more for use in common, and complex, situations involving school, goal setting, planning and organizing, vacations, screen time, and more. Just click on a category below and download the PDFs to use as is or adapt for your unique situation.


Planning & Organizing (4 templates)

  • Weekend Day Planner
  • Time Tracking Worksheet
  • Week at a Glance
  • Getting Out the Door

Goal Setting (3 templates)

  • Goal Planning Worksheet
  • The Big Goal Worksheet
  • Goals of the Week

Screen Time (5 templates)

  • Screen Time Planner Worksheet
  • Screen Time Tracking Worksheet
  • 10-Minute Wrap-Up Plan
  • Screen Time Accountability Worksheet
  • How to Support Myself Staying on Task & Focused

School Life & Homeschooling (4 templates)

  • Daily School Goal Sheet
  • Attention! (late to school #2)
  • Uh Oh…Looks Like it Happened Again (late to school #2)
  • Yikes…Your Plan Didn’t Work (late to school #3)

Sample Contracts (4 templates)

  • Self-Care Guidelines
  • Pre-Holiday Break Agreement
  • Daylight Savings Adjustment
  • Asher’s Awesome New Point System!

Vacation Planning (3 templates)

  • Family Goals for Family Worksheet
  • Vacation Concerns
  • Vacation Day Planner

Emotional Regulation (1 template)

  • Debriefing Form

Bonus Worksheet for Parents (1 template)

  • Monthly Self-Care Check Sheet