I’m so excited you’re joining us in the Differently Wired Club!

Here are all the details you need for getting logged in and starting in our community. Below you’ll find short (4 minutes or less) videos on:

  • Creating your login
  • Navigating the Club platform
  • Using the Discussion Boards
  • Setting Discussion  Board notifications
  • How I’ll communicate important info about themes, lives calls, and more
  • Virtual office hours
  • Making the most of the Club

Please bookmark this page so you can easily find it in case you have any issue navigating your membership. Also, please take a few minutes to read about the Differently Wired Club culture and guidelines for member participation.


The Differently Wired Club Ethos

The Differently Wired Club is a neurodiversity-affirming community that focuses on seeing our children through a strengths-based lens and prioritizing our personal growth. Our values are optimism, hope, radical acceptance, curiosity, self-reflection, and respect.

As part of these values and the mission of the Club, please review the following membership guidelines for engaging within the community:

  • We avoid the use of functioning labels (ie: “high-functioning autism”) and we prioritize identity first language (“autistic child”) over person-first language (“child with autism”)
  • We talk about parenting challenges in ways that respect our children’s  neurodivergence and with the assumption that they would do better if they could.
  • We don’t knowingly use ableist language.
  • We participate in discussions with openness and compassion and with the understanding that many members of this parenting community are themselves neurodivergent


New Member Orientation Videos


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