10: YOU ARE NOT ALONE Transcript

Hey there! There are so many things that I want to share with you about this incredible journey of raising differently wired kids, but I’m going to wrap up this 10 day series with something I hope you remember and know to be true. And that is that you are not alone. 

There may have been times in the past, and there may be times in the future, or maybe you’re feeling this way today, where you feel overwhelmed and completely alone. Like no one else knows how truly hard things are; that no one else has ever been in this exact situation with their child; that no one else really gets what you’re really going through; no one else understands the stressors that you’re dealing with; no one else really gets your kid. 

Parenting a differently wired child can be very isolating, because we, and our kids, often get feedback telling us that we’re outliers. That normal is “here” and we’re on the outside of that. 

But that is simply not true. Millions of people…no, strike that…billions of people in the world are neurodivergent. Because we know that at least one and five people are in some way differently wired. Also, it’s way more than that. So you’re not alone, and in fact you’re in fantastic company. 

But despite the magnitude of our community, it can still be overwhelming and lonely. So I encourage you to find and connect with people who really get what you’re going through. And if there are people in your life who don’t get it, perhaps don’t get it in an aggressive way, meaning they question your choices, or judge your parenting or your kids, or simply don’t approve or believe what’s happening in your world, consider creating some buffers between you and those people. 

It’s really important that you find your people — people you can turn to for advice, people who will pick up the phone and listen after a hard day, community groups where you can share specific challenges and hear from others who’ve been there and can share some of their hard won wisdom. 

So whether it’s Facebook groups, or an in-person group, maybe a small group of parents at your kids school, maybe my Differently Wired Club, maybe another parent group — find your people, create your village. A village made of parents who truly see you, and can truly see and embrace who your kids are. 

Honestly, this is the main reason why I started Tilt Parenting, even though at the time I felt like no one else understood what I was going through, I knew that my people were everywhere. And the fact that you are watching this video shows me that I was right. 

So I just want to say thank you for being a part of my community, thank you for being part of this growing movement of parents, thank you for helping me feel less alone. And I hope you found this 10 day series helpful, and that you feel like you have a more solid foundation from which to move forward with this journey

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