Today I’m bringing back to the podcast a guest who has much goodness to offer our community, Casey O’Roarty, a positive discipline trainer, parent coach, author, and host of the Joyful Courage podcast. Casey is just about to publish her first book, a passion project called Joyful Courage: Calming the Drama and Taking Control of Your Parenting Journey. I had the opportunity to read an advance copy, and I absolutely loved how accessible, tangible, and real it is.

As you’ll hear in our conversation, Casey has insights and strategies that are powerful for parents raising challenging kids, and she paints a realistic and doable picture of how we can truly calm the drama happening in our families and find more peace in the day to day.

A quick note — Casey has created a companion guide for her book for people who pre-order before the publication date of May 20. So if you’re inspired to dive more deeply in Casey’s work and philosophy, you can access that bonus here.


About Casey: Casey O’Roarty, Med, is a facilitator of personal growth and development. Her work encourages parents to discover the purpose of their journey, while also providing them with tools and a shift of mindset that allows them to deepen their relationships with themselves and their families. As a former teacher, and a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer since 2007, Casey has led countless groups through workshops and classes that have left them feeling empowered and excited about parenting. She also offers an engaging podcast, live and online classes, and individual coaching at Casey lives in the Pacific Northwest with greatest teachers – her husband, and two teenage kids.



  • Why Casey wrote her book and what she hopes it does in the world
  • The core ideas behind Jane Nelsen’s philosophy of Positive Discipline
  • What truly understanding that we as parents are not alone in our journey does for us
  • How mindfully paying attention to the body helps us find calm in difficult moments
  • The way using words such as “never” and “always” can negatively impact our parenting experience
  • How to develop the muscle of “noticing” and how this simple concept can have a profound impact in our families
  • The power of the intentional pause





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