Why Love and Intention is the Only Guidepost We Need

This picture was taken exactly 5 years ago, while Asher, Derin and I were staying with friends in Vancouver for the weekend so our realtor could hold an open house for our Seattle home, fresh on the market.

Less than 4 weeks later, we would arrive jet-lagged and shattered at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, with overstuffed suitcases and a fair amount of uncertainty as to what we had just done in picking up and changing our life in the most dramatic of ways at a time when things were already so very hard.

Derin and I could never have known that taking that leap of faith would lead to an incredible transformation for our family as we were forced to turn within, uncover what was keeping us stuck, genuinely learn to love who our boy inherently was in every single way, and make decisions that prioritized what was best for him as opposed to following someone else’s idea of what a parenting journey should look like.

And yet that doesn’t mean we’ve got it all figured out. Life throws curve balls. Asher continues to mature and change. Derin and I continue on our own personal growth spurts. There is still no clearly marked path, no certain future. We’re still very much making this whole thing up as we go along.

YET…this picture reminds me that taking leaps of faith is worth it. Feeling scared and uncomfortable is just part of the deal. And that’s okay.

Because ultimately, as long as we focus on the love and intention we have for each other and use that as a guidepost for every choice we’re faced with, we really can’t go wrong. 💗

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