Presenting the Top 10 TiLT Parenting Podcast Episodes of 2017!

1: Dr. Ross Greene Explains How Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Benefits Differently-Wired Kids

Dr. Ross Greene, author of the The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children talks about how parents, teachers, and educators can work together with our kids to solve problems in a way that respects our kids while supporting them in improving their behavior.

2: Carol Kranowitz Talks About Sensory Processing Disorder and the Out-of-Sync Child

Carol Kranowitz, the author of many books on sensory processing disorder, including The Out-of-Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up talks about what sensory processing is, how to recognize it in kids, what it looks like at different ages, as well as to hear Carol’s thoughts on efforts to get SPD fully recognized as a disorder. This is a fascinating conversation with one of the world’s top voices on SPD—I hope you enjoy it!

3: Dr. Robin MacEvoy on Child Decoded—A New “Manual” for Parents of Differently Wired Kids

Dr. Robin McEvoy talks about her book Child Decoded: Unlocking Complex Issues in Your Child’s Learning, Behavior, or Attention, which provides parents with a broader understanding of the issues that may be affecting their children—whether there’s a diagnosis or not—as well as concise information on who can help and how.

4: A Conversation with Executive Functioning Coach Seth Perler (Part 1)

Executive functioning coach Seth Perler explains what executive functioning is and how it impacts our kids, talks about the challenges we face in supporting our kids in the current educational paradigm, and gives us suggestions for how we can prioritize our efforts to help our kids while also keeping our eye on the big picture and what’s really important.

5: Karen Young of Hey Sigmund Talks About Anxiety in Kids

Founder of the popular psychology website Hey Sigmund Karen Young talks to us about anxiety in children—what it looks like, how we can recognize it in our kids, what to do about it, and how to talk with our kids about it.

6: Debbie and Her Husband Talk Openly About Parenting Their Differently Wired Child

My husband Derin and I have a super honest, super vulnerable conversation between the two of us about our journey as a couple navigating parenting a differently-wired child.

7: A Deep Dive Into Assessments, Diagnoses, and Labels, with Dr. Melissa Neff

Dr. Melissa Neff, a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Missoula, MT in the United States who specializes in conducting psychological evaluations with children (ages 6-18) and adults talks about the diagnostic process—what it involves and when and how parents can take the steps they need to pursue a diagnosis—as well as the pros and cons of getting a diagnoses, and more specifically, of having one or more labels attached to a child, both in their educational journey, as well as their lives as they grow into adults.

8: Parental Burnout: What It Is and How to Recover From It, with Neil Brown

Neil Brown, a licensed clinical social worker, the author of Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle: Resolve the Power Struggle and Build Trust, Responsibility, and Respect, and host of the Healthy Family Connections Podcast talks about what parental burnout is and how it negatively impacts parents and families, tell us how to identify it, and share his strategies for recovering from it.

9: Entrepreneur Peter Shankman Talks about His Book Faster Than Normal and the Gifts of ADHD

Peter Shankman, a multiple-startup founder, best-selling author, and the creator of Faster Than Normal, a leading ADD/ADHD podcast, focusing on the benefits of being gifted with ADD/HD, talks about how he’s learned how to not only manage his ADHD, but tap into the gifts that come along with the diagnosis.

10: The Truth About Video Games and Your Child’s Physical, Social, and Psychological Well-Being, with Dr. Rachel Kowert 

Dr. Rachel Kowert, an independent research consultant and author the book A Parent’s Guide to Video Games: The Essential Guide to Understanding How Video Games Impact Your Child’s Physical, Social, and Psychological Well-Being about what the research has to say about the impact of video games in our kids lives, bust some myths about the potential harms and benefits of video gaming, and answer questions posed by members of the TiLT Parenting Facebook page.

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