In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I’m talking with the fabulous Carol Kranowitz, the author of many books on sensory processing disorder, including The Out-of-Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up. A former preschool teacher, Carol is passionate about informing people about sensory processing disorder and helping parents and educators understand how to recognize and support kids with sensory issues.

I read Carol’s book The Out-of-Sync Child when Asher was about four years old, and I immediately had that sense of YES . . . this is what’s going on, so it was a thrill and honor to get to chat with Carol about what sensory processing is, how to recognize it in kids, what it looks like at different ages, as well as to hear Carol’s thoughts on efforts to get SPD fully recognized as a disorder. This is a fascinating conversation with one of the world’s top voices on SPD—I hope you enjoy it!


About Carol: Carol Kranowitz was a music, movement, and drama teacher for 25 years, where she observed many out-of-sync preschoolers. To help them become more competent in their work and play, she began to study sensory processing and sensory integration (“SI”) theory. She learned to help identify her young students’ needs and to steer them into early intervention. In her writings and workshops, she explains to parents, educators, and other early childhood professionals how sensory issues play out – and provides enjoyable sensory-motor techniques for addressing them at home and school. She is best-known for her first book in the “Sync” series, The Out-of-Sync Child.



  • What Sensory Processing Disorder is
  • The 3 types of sensory processing issues: sensory modulation (most common), discrimination issues, and sensory based motor problems
  • How parents can recognize if their child has sensory processing issues
  • The connection between SPD and other neurodifferences such as autism, ADHD, and OCD
  • What to expect in children with SPD at different ages






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