I’m excited to be bringing parenting coach Margaret Webb back to the podcast this week. Margaret helps parents find more peace in parenting the child they didn’t expect when they were expecting, and part of her work is supporting parents survive SUMMER. Many parents (and not just parents raising differently-wired kids) limp across the finish line of a long school year only to find themselves facing the stress of summer — new schedules and routines, different expectations, wants, and needs for everyone in the family, and lots of other changes.

In our conversation, Margaret shares her personal strategy for getting through the summer break and walks us through her Summer Survival Skills Package, a free toolkit comprised of MP3s and worksheets designed to help struggling parents not only survive over the summer, but thrive (so their kids can thrive, too).


Margaret WebbAbout Margaret: Margaret Webb is a certified Master Life Coach, parenting coach, nature-based coach, former teacher, wife and mother. As a life and parenting coach, she weaves together her experience as an elementary education teacher with the tools she’s learned in Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training, Sagefire Institute’s Nature-Based Coach Training, and what she’s applied to her own life as a mom of a child with special needs.



  • How “reality versus expectations” creates unnecessary stress for many parents over the summer
  • Why having “leadership energy” as a parent can help a family thrive
  • The importance of getting clear on both your personal needs as a parent and your child’s needs and wants for the summer break
  • What scheduling, mapping, and tracking have to do with surviving summer holidays
  • How focusing on our own experience and fostering personal self-care actually supports our children
  • Why nature can be so restorative for parents raising differently-wired kids
  • How to envision your ideal day as a way to begin creating a more peaceful reality






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