Today episode features a conversation with Rich Schramm, the creator behind the new app iGotThis. iGotThis is a task-focused, productivity tool for families with ADHD that’s loaded with features to keep kids with ADHD on track, focused, and motivated—all while providing real-time visibility and complete control for parents. And just as important, it also builds self-esteem in kids with ADHD.

While I haven’t tried it out yet, I’m super excited about the potential of this app and what it can do for families who are struggling because of executive functioning challenges. And because Rich is so personally connected to what he’s created—he has ADHD himself, as do both of his kids—he totally gets what we as parents need to help our kids foster these skills as well as embrace the gifts that come with how they’re wired. He hopes the app will help get parents out of the role of the person who’s constantly nagging or reminding our child to do this or that so that parents and their kids can foster a more healthy and happy dynamic. (Sounds GREAT to me!)


About Rich: Rich Schramm is the founder iGotThis is an app, a community, and mission focused on changing the world for kids with ADHD, as well as their families. The app is a task-focused, life management solution that builds self-esteem by ensuring repeated success.



  • Rich’s personal WHY for creating iGotThis
  • What it’s like parenting children with ADHD when you have ADHD yourself
  • Why Rich believes the challenges associated with ADHD are just the “byproduct of having an extraordinary mind”
  • Why fear-based parenting gets us in trouble
  • How iGotThis works and supports kids with ADHD and executive functioning deficits while building their self-esteem