Differently Wired 7-Day Challenge: Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of the Differently Wired 7-Day Challenge

Two days ago, the TILT was about remembering that your child would do better if he or she could. Well, today’s TILT is the same basic idea, but applied to YOU as a parent. Because today, and every day moving forward, I want you to find ways to treat yourself with compassion and give yourself a break.

I know that parents can be hard on themselves, but in my experience, parents of differently-wired kids experience this sense of failing our kids or not doing enough or not meeting their needs in spades.

I have been there, and I can tell you right now that that kind of thinking isn’t healthy, and it’s not helpful.

I give myself a lot of room to screw up, because I know that my intention is to do right by Asher. I screw up plenty, believe me. But when I do, I take responsibility, apologize, and work hard to let it go. Then I push the virtual reset button every night so I can have a fresh start in the morning.

My reset button these days is a little nighttime check-in and squeeze with Asher just after lights out, where we reconnect, verbalize our love for each other, and commit to starting off the next day on the right foot.

Your Challenge:

Today, and every day moving forward, your challenge is to consciously give yourself a break when you have a less than brilliant parenting moment, take responsibility for what happened however you need to, and push your own virtual reset button, whatever that looks like for you.

Oh, and before I say goodbye, I’m going to send out one last video to you tomorrow to close out the week and let you know how you can continue building on these TILTs moving forward. See you then!