Differently Wired 7-Day Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Differently Wired 7-Day Challenge!

I hope you’ve been able to try out the breathing tool from yesterday’s TILT!

Today I’m sharing one of my most favorite TILTs, and that is to SET A DAILY PARENTING INTENTION.

So, what do I mean by a parenting intention? I mean to consciously plan how you want to show up as a parent for that day. For example…do you want to have infinite patience? Do you want to use that deep breath I talked about yesterday? Do you want to make sure your child feels seen and heard every time you interact with him or her?

Here’s what this looks like for me. I’m feeling especially busy and stressed at the moment, and I don’t want that energy to bleed over into my time with Asher. So these days, my daily intention is to be calm and present when I’m with Asher. And I don’t just think these things… I write them down. Every single morning.

Some people like to declare their intentions out loud. Some people like to write them down AND declare them. There’s no right or wrong. Whatever works for you.

Oh, and one last tip. When you’re stating your intention, do so as if it’s already true. So, for instance, rather than saying, I want to be calm and present with Asher, I say, I am calm and present when I’m with Asher.

Somehow stating it in the present affirmative tense makes it feel more proactive and true. And that helps it then become true as the day unfolds.

Your Challenge:

Set a daily intention for how you want to show up in your relationship with your child today and for every day throughout the rest of the challenge. Then, before you go to bed, reflect on your intention and see how you did. That nightly check-in will help you become even more intentional with the coming day.