A Thought On Our Kids and Their Energy (a Post-Election Post)

A quick note.

While we have a very international community here at TiLT, the majority of our families are based in the US, where many people are experiencing an emotional upheaval as a result of November’s divisive election.

I wanted to take a moment to encourage parents to be uber aware of the impact our energy has on our kids. I believe that differently-wired kids are highly sensitive to allĀ that’s going on in the world, even when we as their parents think we’re doing a good job of masking our emotions or shielding them from some of the uglier things happening in the world today.

So if you’re seeing more intense reactions and behavior than usual in your child, it could be the full moon, it could be the post-Halloween lead-up to the winter holidays, it could be that the novelty of their new teacher or school has worn off, or it could be they’re sensing the current discord happening in their schools, extended families, and communities.

My advice?

For you: Be gentle with yourself. Do what you need to do to meet your own emotional and spiritual needs. Practice extra patience and compassion with your loved ones. Nap if you can. Step away from social media if you need to.

And for your child: Recognize that they’re experiencing their own disregulation, too. Practice extra patience and compassion. Respect their concerns. Answer their questions honestly and responsibly. And HUGS…lots and lots of hugs

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