In this special kid’s POV edition, my 12-year-old son Asher and I get real about the impact of ADHD in our world. We’ve known since Asher was five that he has ADHD, yet the learning for both him and us continues.

In our conversation, Asher shares how he felt when he first found out he had ADHD, what it means to him, and the areas of his life where it impacts him the most. I talk about my steep learning curve with understanding ADHD when I first began homeschooling Asher, and reflect on the ways in which I’m still struggling to embrace all aspects of his ADHD. We also have a frank conversation about why Asher has chosen to not take medication for ADHD and what he’s doing instead.


About Debbie and Asher: Debbie Reber is the founder of TiLT and the host of the TiLT Parenting Podcast. 12-year-old Asher is Debbie’s son and is regularly featured on the podcast. Find out more about Debbie and Asher by visiting the About Page.



  • How it feels to have to fidget in order to focus, from a kid’s POV
  • What Asher wishes all teachers, and parents, understood about ADHD
  • Strategies Asher is currently using to help him calm his mind and focus
  • Why many kids with ADHD are too hard on themselves
  • The power and truth in the quote: “Kids would do better if they could”




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