In this special kid’s POV edition, I share a short conversation I had with my 11-year-old son Asher about FRUSTRATION. Being easily frustrated is an issue many differently-wired kids deal with on a regular basis, and it can lead to challenging situations in the classroom and at home. It’s also a tough one for many parents to know how to handle because frustrations can often seem to come from what we might be perceive to be an overreaction to something. Therefore, it can be harder for us to empathize and support our child through the frustration.

I’ll definitely be exploring the issue of frustration in more depth on future episodes, but for this episode, Asher and I examine what happened on a day when he made a mistake on an art project. Because he didn’t have a BIG reaction to something that in the past would have really disrupted his whole experience, I wanted to find out how he processed the frustration without having an explosion.

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Debbie Ash MiniAbout Debbie and Asher: Debbie Reber is the founder of TiLT and the host of the TiLT Parenting Podcast. 11-year-old Asher is Debbie’s son and is regularly featured on the podcast. Find out more about Debbie and Asher by visiting the About Page.



  • What frustration feels like from a kid’s POV
  • Why a child’s frustration can actually be an opportunity to practice having healthier emotional responses
  • A resource we’ve tapped into to learn some in-the-moment frustration strategies





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